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1、LU Yu;  PENG Zhao;  PEI Xi;  NI Ming;  XIE Qiang;  WANG Shicun;  XU Xie;  CHEN Zhi.Fast estimation of internal irradiation dose rate in PET/CT imaging using deep learning-based dose prediction combined with auto-segmentation technique.Chinese Journal of Medical Physics,40(2):149-156(2023).


1、QI Yaping;GAO Ning;LU Xiaoming;QIAN Dong;XU Xie.Research progresses of Flash radiotherapy technique.Chinese Journal of Medical Imaging Technology,146-149(2022).

2、MENG Xiangyin;WU Xiangyi;PENG Zhao;XU Xie;PEI Xi.Auto-segmentation of organs-at-risk in abdominal CT after combining with synthetic-MRI information.Chinese Journal of Medical Physics,2:203-208(2022).

3、Peng Z*, Li Y, Xu Y, Lu Y, Li M, Pei X, Xu XG. Development of a GPU-accelerated Monte Carlo dose calculation module for nuclear medicine, ARCHER-NM: Application for PET/CT imaging procedure [J]. Phys Med Biol, 67, 06NT02 (2022).

4、Wang H*, Pi Y, Guo Y, Pei X and Xu XG. Influencing Factors of Total Skin Irradiation With Helical Tomotherapy. Front. Oncol. 12:852345. doi: 10.3389/fonc. 2022.852345 (2022).

5、Peng Z*, Gao N, Wu B, Chen Z, Xu XG. A Review of Computational Phantoms for Quality Assurance in Radiology and Radiotherapy in the Deep-Learning Era, Journal of Radiation Protection and Research, 47(3):111-133. (2022).

6、FANG Shijie;CHENG Bo;REN Qiang;PAN Maoyun;WU Aidong;XU Xie;PEI Xi.Clinical feasibility verification of photon dose calculation by radiotherapy planning system DeepPlan.Chinese Journal of Medical Physics,9:1063-1069(2022).

7、Ye Z*, Qi M, Zhao Y, Wei W, Xu XG. Estimation of fetal and pediatric doses from chest CT examinations using Virtualdose software. Rad Prot Dosi 1–9,  https://doi.org/10.1093/rpd/ncac225 (2022).


1、Mao L, Pei X, Chao TC, Xu XG. Calculations of magnetic field correction factors for ionization chambers in a transverse magnetic field using Monte Carlo code TOPAS. Radiation Physics and Chemistry 183(3): 109405(2021).

2、Qi Y, Warmenhoven J, Henthorn N, Ingram S, Xu XG, Kirkby K, Michael JM. Mechanistic modelling of slow & fast NHEJ DNA repair pathways following radiation for G0/G1 normal tissue cells. Cancers 13(9):2202(2021)

3Shen Z, Peng Z, Meng X, Wang Z, Xu XG, Pei X. Automatic segmentation of CT and Mr visual cross based on cascaded 3D u-net. Med Phys 38(8):950-954(2021).

4、Yan Y,Pan M,Zhou J,Wu AWu WXu XG,Pei X. Automatic planning method of self-regulated intensity modulated radiotherapy based on three-dimensional predicted dose. J Radiat Prot 41(06):444-449(2021).

5Tao Y, Zhang Z, Liu H, Xu XG, Pei X, Chen Z. Evaluation of biological dose of proton radiotherapy based on different relative biological effect models. J Radiat Prot 41(4):274-279(2021).

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7Li Y, Peng Z,Lu Y,Ni MXie Q,Wang S,Pei X,  Xu XG,Chen Z. Monte Carlo calculation of absorbed dose in brain tissue based on PET-CT image of radiopharmaceutical 18F-AV45. Med Phys In print(2021).

8、Qi Y, Gao N, Lu X, Qian D, Xu XG. Realization of FLASH radiotherapy technology and research progress of its biological mechanism. Med Imag Tech In print(2021).


1、Xu Y*, Chen J, Cao R, Liu H, Xu XG, Pei X. A Fast Robust Optimizer for Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy Using GPU. J Appl Clin Med Phys 21(3):123133 (2020).

2、Adam DP*, Liu T, Caracappa PF, Bednarz BP, Xu XG. New capabilities of the Monte Carlo dose engine ARCHER-RT: clinical validation of the Varian TrueBeam machine for VMAT external beam radiotherapy. Med Phys 47(6):2537-2549 (2020).

3、Peng Z*, Fang X, Yan P, Shan H, Liu T, Pei X, Wang G, Liu B, Kalra M, Xu XG. A Method of Rapid Quantification of Patient-Specific Organ Dose for CT Using Coupled Deep Multi-Organ Segmentation Algorithms and GPU-accelerated Monte Carlo Dose Computing Code. Med Phys 47(6):2526-2536 (2020).

4、Zhou J*,  Peng Z,  Song Y,  Chang Y,  Pei X,  Sheng L, Xu XG. A method of using deep learning to predict three-dimensional dose distributions for intensity modulated radiotherapy of rectal cancer. J Appl Clin Med Phys 21(5):26-37(2020).

5、Guo Y,  Wu X,  Wang Z,  Pei X,  Xu XG. End-to-end unsupervised cycle-consistent fully convolutional network for 3D pelvic CT-MR deformable registration. J Appl Clin Med Phys 21(9):193-200(2020).

6、Wang Z, Chang Y, Peng Z, Lv Y, Shi W, Pei X, Xu XG. Evaluation of Deep Learning-based Auto-segmentation Algorithms for Delineating Clinical Target Volume and Organs at Risk Involving Data for 125 Chinese Cervical Cancer Patients. J Appl Clin Med Phys 21(12):272–279(2020).

7、Guo Y, Mao L, Zhang G, Chen Z, Pei X, Xu XG. Conceptual Design and Preliminary Results of a VR-based Radiation Safety Training System for Interventional Radiologists. Radiat Prot Dosimetry 190(1):58-61(2020).


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1、Feng M, Huo W, Pi Y, Xiong Z, Gao Y, Chen Z, Xu XG. Development of radiation dose assessment software package VirtualDose-IR for interventional patients. Chinese Journal of radiation medicine and protection 37(1)(2017).

2Zheng F, Chen Z, Xu XG. Monte Carlo calculation of influence of inclination angle of embedded pipe in shielding wall of electron irradiation accelerator on radiation protection performance . radiation protection 37(1) :27-33(2017).

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