Great news! DeepPlan and DeepContour received NMPA clearance

Time:2024-04-25 18:36:16    Hits:91

On April 17, DeepPlan and DeepContour, two flagship products by Wisdom Technologies, Inc, were granted clearance by the NMPA as Class III medical devices, marking a significant milestone for the Company.

DeepPlan is an advanced radiotherapy planning system,incorporating an AI-powered contouring engine, medical image registration and fusion algorithm, and supporting dose calculation and inverse optimization across various  treatment modes.

DeepContour serves as an intelligent radiotherapy image workstation, offering rapid and precise automatic automatic outlining services, multi-modal image registration and fusion, plan evaluation, and a platform for independently training target areas and organs at risk.

This certification not only underscores the quality of Company's products but also validates its innovative capabilities and technical expertise. Through continuous innovation and commitment to excellence, Wisdom Tech is dedicated to serving the global radiotherapy community, contributing to the betterment of humanity.