Medical Imaging Workstation

Product introduction

DeepContour® is an intelligent medical image workstation for radiation therapy, which provides fast and accurate service for auto-segmentation, multi-modality image registration and fusion, plan evaluation, and AI model training platform for OAR/GTV/GTV auto-segmentation models. Positioned as a professional medical imaging workstation, DeepContour® is highly intelligent and automated, equipped with unattended automatic services, and supports interaction with mainstream TPS systems on the market.

Product features
Fast and accurate

Provides fast and accurate image auto-segmentation,Contouring workload is reduced from hours to within a minute;The Dice reached 0.86 ~0.99;

Auto-segmentation module can delineate 100+OARs and16+ tumor targets, including brachytherapy.

Product features
Multi-modal image registration and fusion
Deep learning acceleration
Using deep learning acceleration, the time for elastic registration is reduced from minutes to within 15 seconds;
Registration and fusion
Supports registration and fusion of different modalities;
Multi-terminal, support client and cloud login.
Product features
Auto-learning platform
Independent training
Supports importing local hospital data for independent training;
One-click integrated
Supports one-click integrated deployment into DeepContour®;
Product features
Unattended automation service
Perfect integration with TPS
Supports docking with mainstream TPS on the market, including Monaco/Raystation/Eclipse, etc;
Automatically receives data
The background automatically receives data, performs automatic delineation, automatically sends it, and completes the entire automation process.