Treatment Planning Software System

Product introduction

DeepPlan® is an intelligent radiotherapy planning system that integrates AI automatic delineation engines, medical image registration and fusion algorithms, Monte Carlo dose calculation for multiple treatment modes, inverse optimization and multi-objective optimization algorithms, etc. All algorithms support GPU multi-threading accelerated calculation and can support custom templates and scripting functions to meet users' personalized needs.

Product features

Support the image registration and fusion for CT, PET / CT, and MR;

Deep learning function of AI;

AI-based automatic delineation, which is not limited by template curing, accurately delineated the boundaries of polymorphological organs.

Product features
GPU acceleration
GPU acceleration, <10 seconds (50 iterations);
Multi-plan comparison and evaluation
Multi-plan comparison and evaluation, without multi-window switch, and efficient evaluation with the same interface;
Multi-terminal, support client and cloud login.
Product features
Monte Carlo gold standard algorithm
Monte Carlo gold standard algorithm, the plan results and the measurement results are highly unified;
High precision and rapid optimization
A calculation algorithm for high precision and rapid optimization, the dose in the optimization iteration is highly unified with the planned final dose;
High-quality delivery of plan
High-quality delivery of plan based on DeepOPT algorithm, automatically balance the conflict between the target area and the organ at risk, and improve the implementation efficiency of the plan under the premise of ensuring the quality of the plan.