Lead the wave of
real-time Monte Carlo dose computing

Product introduction

ArcherQA® is an advanced software system revolutionizing radiotherapy dose verification. Utilizing Monte Carlo radiation dose calculation methods, recognized as the "gold standard" within the medical physics community, it ensures unparalleled precision. The software's cutting-edge "near real-time" dose engine, bolstered by CPU/GPU co-processor support and parallel computing technologies, delivers exceptional accuracy and speed. Our expert engineering team has meticulously crafted ArcherQA® to adeptly address the daily challenges faced by clinical physicists and radiation oncologists, prioritizing patient safety and workflow efficiency.

Product features
QA before treatment

Fast MC-based 3D independent dose verification, obtaining the true dose distributions under identical patient anatomy and beam conditions without the need for in-phantom measurements, positioning, detection, or accelerator output.

Product features
QA during treatment
In-vivo dose Verification
EPID-based in-vivo dose verification, predicting the actual dose delivery during the treatment.
Near real-time dose monitoring
Treatment condition monitoring based on fractional CBCT/CT/MR and lo-files.
Product features
QA after treatment
Plan execution analysis
Displays parameters of the planned subfield and the executed subfield, and highlights discrepancies that may indicate execution errors
Machine operation analysis
Utilizing log-files, this functionality analyzes the root-mean-square error (RMS) of each MLC leaf position, beam angle, JAW and gantry angle.
Treatment tracking
Monitors dose for fractional radiotherapy, alerting potential overdosing and ensuring treatment integrity.