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Radiotherapy QA Dose-check Software System, ArcherQA®
Product introduction

ArcherQA is a system for radiotherapy QA. It adopts GPU and parallel processing technology, supports multiple dose calculation engines such as Monte Carlo gold standard algorithm, realizes the verification and evaluation of radiotherapy plan, improves the use efficiency of accelerator equipment, and escorts radiotherapy.

Product features
1. System interconnection and wide compatibility

(1) Perfect integration into the existing hospital network system;
(2) It can connect all network units such as TPS and treatment machine for information transmission;
(3) Click the button to easily realize data transmission and sharing between devices and bid farewell to USB flash disk copy;
(4) Compatible with all mainstream treatment planning systems and accelerator systems of all mainstream manufacturers.

2.Diversity of treatment support and accurate calculation

(1) Particle types supporting photon therapy, electron therapy, proton therapy and heavy ion therapy;
(2) Support the treatment technologies of CRT, IMRT, VMAT, SRS / SBRT, MRIgRT and IMPT;
(3) GPU based Monte Carlo dose calculation engine.

3.Provide rich multi angle dose analysis tools

It supports beam information check, DVH comparative analysis, target dose analysis, clinical target analysis, Gamma and other analysis.

4.Efficient workflow

(1) Process operation, easy to operate and significantly improve work efficiency;
(2) Fully automatic processing, automatically capture and import patient data and treatment machine operation log files.

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