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Automatic Contouring Software System,DeepViewer®
Product introduction

DeepViewer is a system that automatically performs CT image organ contouring. The prediction results can be archived in various forms, which can not only realize process automation, but also protect patient information security. Its main functions include manual contouring, automatic contouring and patient management.

Product features

Intelligent manual contouring

The 2D / 3D organ contouring and editing tool can "intelligently" identify the boundaries of most organs. After startup, it can quickly contour the shape of organs by dragging, so as to improve the user's work efficiency and contouring accuracy.

Contouring of target and organs at risk of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Contouring renderings

Assist the doctor in contouring automatically

B / S + C / S architecture design is adopted to automatically perform CT film reading, target and organs at risk, so as to help doctors greatly improve their work efficiency.

Multimodal image registration and fusion

It supports rigid and elastic registration of multimodal images. It can fuse PET / CT and MR images into the reference CT after deformation. At the same time, it can map the outlined tumor target and related organs to the reference CT, so as to provide accurate basis for medical decision-making.


Diversification of data sources

Support PACS, WebAPI and other data sources, and the results can be archived in a variety of ways

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