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Treatment Planning Software System,DeepPlan®
Product introduction

DeepPlan is an intelligent radiotherapy planning system, which integrates AI automatic sketching engine, medical image registration and fusion algorithm, supports dose calculation, inverse optimization and multi-objective optimization algorithms under various treatment modes, all algorithms support GPU and CPU multi-threaded accelerated calculation, support user-defined template and script functions, and can be customized according to users' personalized needs.

DeepPlan supports multithreading technology and GPU acceleration, which can reduce your waiting time and give you enough time to complete other daily treatment planning tasks.

DeepPlan can provide a personalized optimization plan of photon and proton mixing, provide advanced technical solutions for patients and obtain high-quality clinical efficacy.

Product features


Fast Monte Carlo dose calculation

The improved three-dimensional convolution and GPU based Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm can quickly complete the three-dimensional whole space dose calculation of radiotherapy plan on the premise of ensuring the calculation accuracy.

Multi objective radiotherapy planning optimization

Customized optimization algorithm is adopted to support a variety of objective functions and constraints, which can quickly reverse optimize the objectives specified by users;

Real time navigation balances the dose distribution of target areas and crisis organs to help users quickly optimize an optimal treatment solution to the greatest extent.


Robust plan design and evaluation

Compare and analyze multiple planned doses and evaluated doses, and generate various statistical result views. By adding corresponding clinical objectives, users can intuitively see whether the conformity and homogeneity of dose distribution meet the objectives.

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